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Ulamaa ID 10
Assalamualykum. I am planning to go for hajj for 4 weeeks and have been advised to take pills in order to stop me from menstruating in these weeks. My periods are erratic and last for 10 days when they do appear as i have an underlying medical condition. I would like to know if i am able to take these pills or not? Jazakallah. Wassalam.
Ulamaa ID 02
Salams dear repected ulema, I was praying taraweeh in regents park masjid last night. In the last four rakah the imam prayed it as one complete unit, with one taslem, without performing jalsa in the middle. Is this permissable? I would also like to know the differences between the shafies and the ahnaaf on the prostration marks when performing salah. JazakAllah Khair.
Strict veil
Ulamaa ID 10
salam,i have a difficult question that has been troubling me for quite some time,i would be more then gratefull if you could help me???? i have been in full veil since the age of 13,.i am now 27,i have therefore been doing strict veil from all gaar mehrims(al hamdo-lilah)untill 1 year ago,last year my brother inlaw came in the uk,and had been living at my house for some time,i could not do veil from him as my husband did not approve of this and said he has no family accept us,so i did not do veil from him,even though my family was clearly against this.i found t his very difficult,but my inlaws would allways tell me that i was wrong to do strict veil with there own family members,as they do not understand in strict veil.they found it very bad that i did not talk with my brother inlaw for a long time,i then promised myself that inshallah the day my brother inlaw gets married i will start purdah with him as he will not be needing much help,when one has a partner.but just recently he got married with my own sister that is becoming an alima,and she is doing full veil from the family male members including my husband.this has become even hard on me as i wanted to do strict veil form my brother inlaw,but now he has become more close,i have asked my inlaws if i can do veil,and they disagree,please tell me what would be best,to make my allah happy or my inlaws???? jazakallah
Assalamu ALaykum,

The Ulama say that women shouldn't wear clothes that stick to them (since they reveal the figure) but does that include cardigans and coats because you can see the shape of the arm and the body too at time.

What's the ruling for that? Is it best to wear it underneath the jabba?


This question might help you understand my question:
Ulamaa ID 03
i just wanted to know whether non-brewed condiment is halal
or not? And that what is it? As many halaal foood contain it?

Ulamaa ID 09
i want to know about hazrat hakeem akhter sahib.and if it is ok to take bayat from him ...secondly what about al huda trust , is it ok to attend lectures of dr.farhat hashmi ?
Urine Drops
Ulamaa ID 08
I have read various responses on other forums with regards to urine drops after a person has been to the toilet. However, they seem to be inconsistent in some they say splash water on your undergarment and forget about it as it's shaytaan playing tricks with your mind and in others it says your salaat isn't valid. Can you please give me as definitive an answer as possible.
Ulamaa ID 01
Dear Mufti, My name is Iqbal Hassan, my mother's name is Sharifa and my father's name is Hassan Mohamed. I wish to start a new business in Kuwait for the first time and would seek Allah's guidance through istikhara. I wish to start the business with my colleague - Ms.Sadiqah Amiri. Please advise.
Ulamaa ID 09
Assalamualaykum Im new to this site, and im not too sure how to use it well so please forgive me if i make any mistakes. I have recently started to become more practising in my deen and unfortunately my parents have not understood my change, i come from a family of very western thinkers and they do not why i have to cover. I have tried to explain to them with patience that as a muslim women i should be covering and i have even tried to explain that this is what Allah commands us to do in the quraan in several places, however they have recently also tried to make out that intermingling and talking to men is acceptable and there is nothing wrong with it. I have tried very hard to explain that we as muslims should abide by the laws of segregation, but i have had some difficulty..i was just wondering if you could help me explain to them or if you could give me any hadith or quraanic quotes that can back my arguement up..i would really appreciate it and inshAllah maybe they can understand where im coming from..or more importantly what Allah has commanded us to do. JazakAllah khair for any replies. Fi amanillah Your sister in Islam
Ulamaa ID 12
assalamu alaikum,
recently i've started to do research on the life of the 4 main khalifas of islam adn i've found all information i've wanted except information on the death of hadrat ali r.a and so i was wondering whether u can help me out as to how he died.
jazakallah 4 ur time
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