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Halal or haram ?
Ulamaa ID 04
If we lend some money from non-muslim banks for purchase of property on intrest bases in a non muslim country is it halal or haram ?
Ulamaa ID 03
I recently emailed express cuisine to ask them about their sandwiches.
they said that , they can assure me that they comply with halal regulations,
and that they've never had any ham or non-halal products.
They said that they have halal accredation from the halal food authority [HFA]
from london. so would u say express cuisine are halal ?


Ulamaa ID 05


We are 2 sisters and 4 brothers, my dad has passed away so how much of the share do I get from my dad's inheritance as a daughter according to the islamic shariah?


Ulamaa ID 04

Is hypnotising true and it is it Jaiz?

Davinci code
Ulamaa ID 04
assalomoalaikum i am reading the book called the davinci code in there they mention a woman named mary magdalene, what i would like to know is that wether a woman of such ever existed in the time of the prophet isa (a.s) also iwould like to know about st goerges cross on the union jack because its every where on boys clothing personally i dont like it because to me it just looks like cross. if i have the answers to these questions it would help me to educate my boys especially now that the football world cup is around the corner. jazakallah.
Ulamaa ID 04
Is it permissible to sit and eat at a restaurant where music is being played over the PA system?
Sorbitol Alcohol
Ulamaa ID 03
I have read the rulings posted on this site regarding the use of mouthwash which contains alcohol.

However my question is with regards to mouthwash / products which contain sorbitol alcohol. I have done some research and it seems this is naturally occuring. Are we allowed to use such a product? I include links to info about sorbitol alcohol, I hope you are able to give a ruling accordingly.

Zazakallah for your time and may Allah reward your services to the Ummah.
Licking sweat
Ulamaa ID 04

While fasting, sometimes I am invlovled in such exercises which results in heavy sweating. This sweat then drys up. I would like to know if while licking your lips, and then tasting the salty taste of sweat, and then swallowing that saliva (usually because it's not appropriate to spit it out at that time), is the fast broken??
And what if a person swallows his mucus (not out of an intention to pacify the hunger, but because the person is in such a situation where it is not appropriate for him to spit, e.g. a lecture theatre), does this break the fast?? If a person swallows the above two things intentionally or unintentionally, is the ruling the same?

Ulamaa ID 06
HI, I am very confused about a personal matter and wanted some clear guidance. I have been having so many problems in getting marriage proposals and if i did get proposals people never got back to my family. Then I had english registry with a guy 13 months a go but now I am in process of filing for annulment as i never lived with him. I am so down at present and because of this i called on of the asian channels on tv who tell you about your situation/future according to stars. The man said I should have my birth chart made and should change my name too as this is the cause and if i don't change my name I will continue to have problems in my life. Is astrology permitted in Islam? My name is Sarah, is this suitable name as it is spelt in english way? Also, does names have an affect on a person's personal life? What is a birth chart and again is it Islamic? Can you suggest something which I can read? as i am very confused and upset right now. Many Thanks
Deobandi scholar
Ulamaa ID 01
Salam What is your opinion on a young but recently very prominent Deobandi scholar Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari of Leicester, UK? Is he and his works/fatawa reliable? Wassalam Abdu Musa
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