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Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu Alikum,

Respected Mufti Saheb,

I would like to know (as a male) would it be permissible for me to listen to the Tafseer of Aminah Elahi on Audio, which can be downloaded from Secondly is her tafseer reliable.

Jazzak Allah
Ulamaa ID 01
my husband is 31years old , and upon inquiring from my mother in law , we have found out that he has nt had a aqeeqah, because his parents didnt know about deeni matters. can it still be done ? is there harm in not doing aqeeqah? because he is always ill , would it help to sacrifice animal can someone organise aqeeqah for themself? what should be done to rectify the situation? should you give qurbani or sadaqah instead? please answr as soon as possible.
Name of my son
Ulamaa ID 04
assalamualaikum. my son is 18 months old and i named him MD TAHMIDUR RAHMAN, meaning who praises almighty continuously. is it okay? his nick name is RAKIN meaning respected. now i have some arabian people around me and they say rakin is not an arabic name. they even can not recognise what is it. is rakin okay? pl suggest.
Are these reliable?
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamu alaykum in the question 'some ulama' in one answer you wrote about a talk by Shaikh Abdullah Faisal.. I was wondering if all his talks are permissible to lisn to and/ or reliable or authentic.. i ask because i've heard he is a salafi. Also i just wanted to ask about Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki as i have seen his sets in lots of islamic shops but havnt bought any as i dont kno if he is relible and authentic.. Many people say to em he is Salafi so avoid whereas another told me he is a shafi with some hanbali views... so its ok.. Could you clarify whether he is reliable ? I have however listened to his Story of Ibn Al Akwa .. the study of the jihad fiqh book and i didnt find anything wrong in it and he spoke highly of the 4 schools and didnt say anything bad about them... If you have heard this set... did you find anything wrong in it? Jazakallah
Ulamaa ID 01


Firstly i want 2 congratulate u on an excellent website. May Allah reward u 4 ur efforts. I am a newly registered long time viewer and have recently read ur answer 2 da question regarding adoption where it is stated that an adopted child does not become a mehram. Does that mean we are not permitted to adopt?

Ulamaa ID 03
i just wanted to know whether non-brewed condiment is halal
or not? And that what is it? As many halaal foood contain it?

Ulamaa ID 04
Is it permissible to take out travel/medical insurance for the duration of the Hajj e.g. to cover medical bills
Ulamaa ID 04
Does a muslim have to wash and make wudu' after intercourse before the fasting comences, or can he wash later on during the day?
Ulamaa ID 04
as salamu alaikum

when the azan is said out when the muazzin says allahu akbar is it bi fathi raa or with a dhamma and if possible can you inform me of the correct manner to call out azan and iqaamah
Sylhet shaha-jahal
Ulamaa ID 04

i was told that in Bangladesh sperfically in sylhet shaha-jahal, it is known for a saint of some sort to have sailed the sea of bangal via prayer mats and that there is a famous foot print there.. and that they had married hindus thus making them to revert into Islam

theres a whole story but i thought it was a bit strange, as i had not heard this story mentioned in the Quran

i have though come across alot of Bengali`s who have this story fixcated in their mindset

please tell me wiether it is true or wiether it is a bidah so i may me able to claify the misconceptions

Jazarkhallahu Khayran

May ALLAH the most compassionate reward you abundantly
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