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Sunnah salah
Ulamaa ID 09
At work they give 10 minute breaks in which I am able to pray salah. However it is not enough time to pray all sunnats of zuhr.

Is it ok to miss out these sunnats in this situation? If so should I leave the 4 sunnah or the 2 sunnah?
New Home Gift
Ulamaa ID 03
I am a non Muslim and a Muslim friend is moving away to a new home with her husband and young son. What gift can I get her to welcome and bring luck to her new home, and wish her well from my heart? I do not want to offend her by offering her something that she cannot accept.
Thank you.
Alcohol perfumes
Ulamaa ID 03
are alcohol perfumes allowed
26 days bleeding
Ulamaa ID 09
I have very iregular periods sometimes they will last for a whole month and then i wont have any bleeding for two months. Recently i started bleeding on the 14th of September and this finished on 9th October, a total of 26 days. The bleeding was light for a few days and then very heavy for the rest of the days. Would this all count as being on my period? and when would it be sufficient for me to start praying my salat because i heard that your period only lasts maximum 10 days and after this is it a bleeding vein..please help ..thankyou
Ulamaa ID 04
If I get up late in the morning to fast after Fajr Salaat , can I still say neeyat and start fasting?
Licking sweat
Ulamaa ID 04

While fasting, sometimes I am invlovled in such exercises which results in heavy sweating. This sweat then drys up. I would like to know if while licking your lips, and then tasting the salty taste of sweat, and then swallowing that saliva (usually because it's not appropriate to spit it out at that time), is the fast broken??
And what if a person swallows his mucus (not out of an intention to pacify the hunger, but because the person is in such a situation where it is not appropriate for him to spit, e.g. a lecture theatre), does this break the fast?? If a person swallows the above two things intentionally or unintentionally, is the ruling the same?

Ulamaa ID 03
assalm u alakum i heard people talking bad about yusuf alqardawi is waht they say true that he is deviated

Sunnah Muakkadah
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalaamu 'alaikum

Is there a difference in the way one performs the stressed and non stressed sunnah prayers?

I have read that the non stressed sunnah as is prayed in the Asr salah, when you sit for tashahhud in the 2nd rakat, you recite all the way to the end and then rise and then start the prayer with thana and ta'awudh....and also recite a surah after al fatiha in the 3rd and 4th rakat...

Is this correct?

JazakAllahu khairan.

Wassalaamu 'alaikum
Ulamaa ID 09
As salamu alaikum,

This is quite an important question - can we dry clean our clothes? I think there are a couple of issues here that I hope you can answer dear Mufti:

1. Is the usage of (alcolhoic) solvent in itself OK?
2. In a dry cleaning machine, the same solvent is used to clean a batch of clothes, which may have najasa - so since the solvent is isn't refreshed, can the clothes become clean? ...But bear in mind that the solvent is different from water - it takes off stains etc from clothes, but the solvent itself (with all dissovled stains) is removed from clothes anyway...so even if the same solent is used to clean many batches of clothes, it takes up all najasa but doesn't infect the clothes...i think but am not 100% sure of the technology.
Allah Knows Best!
Jazakallah khairun!
at what age do children start praying namaaz ?and what if they dont?
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