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Pardah Colour
Ulamaa ID 04

Today, many sisters wear the abaya/jilbab and hinab in bright, florescebnt colours. Is this permissible or should the colour be dark?

Jazakumullah and may Allah Ta'ala reward you all for your deeny effort. Ameen.

Ulamaa ID 03


I have checked the following website, called . it states music is not haraam, will youplese give clarity. the link is as follows i look forward in hearing from you


Ulamaa ID 06
I have a bad breath, tried to solve it with dentist, but there is no improvement. Can you plz tell me what I do. I have also acne on my face plz tell me to remove it.

Ulamaa ID 04
If one masturbate during ramadan, should he keep 60 days fast to compensate for this act?
Family planning
Ulamaa ID 03
my wife gave birth to our first child six months ago . we dont want to have child for one more year . is it allowed in islam to use condoms to acheive this.please advise
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalaamualaikum My wife and I live with our children in Australia. My wife's family live in South Africa. My 45 y.o. brother-in-law is severely disabled with cerebral palsy needing high level nursing care since birth. He is at the level of a 10 month old child, he is blind, cannot talk and is completely bedridden, his limbs are contracted into fixed positions , he has severe scoliosus(curvature of the spine) and needs high level 24 hr care which was provided by my mother in law almost exclusively. She suddenly passed away 2 months ago. They had been living with my other brother in law who had been maintaining them . My father in law lives a couple of hundred km's away and is elderly, not well off and has poor health. His capability and temperament restricts his ability to contribute. I have undertaken to provide financially for my brother in law . This is for health costs, the provision of a full time live in carer, and the building of a self contained unit for that person. With good care he is expected to have a normal life expectancy (another 30 years) inshallah. I was wondering if it is possible to pay for these expenses with my zakaah money? Jazakallah Khair Ashraf Ebrahim
Ulamaa ID 04
Could you please explain the rulings regarding bleeding after an abortion or miscarriage? Is the bleeding considered to be impure therefore the woman cannot perform her salaat or fast during this time? Please give as much detail as possible on the matter. Jazak alla khair
Ulamaa ID 01
Is Zabiha of Shia or meat from a Shia Store Halal?
Ulamaa ID 03
I am a religious muslim having beard. And 1 year before I came in contact with a religious girl. I decided to marry her and talked to her family persons. She is also agreeing. Now I am in another city and we will INSHALLAH marry after 2 years with the permission of parents. I don?t want to make any contact with her as it is forbidden in Islam. I love her too much because she is so religious and I can?t forget her. I use to think about her and life after marriage. So is it permissible to think about a non mahram girl? And we are not mailing or chating or phone etc.
Permissable Attire
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamoalykum. Please could you elaborate on the clothes worn by our beloved Prophet SAW. Also is it haraam to wear western clothes. Jazakallah.
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