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Ulamaa ID 03
Lately i went to a halal take-away shop & they had express cuisine
sandwiches which said suitable 4 vegetarians, but did not have a halal logo, so i just wanted
to know if express cuisine r reliable & halal or not?

Regarding gusl
Ulamaa ID 04
What is the exact way to perform a gusl. Is it necessary to cover yourself at least from above the naval to below the knees while performing the gusl even if you are in total privacy where no one can see u? and as it is said that husband and wife can perform the gusl together and it is permissible if they see each others private parts while doing so as long as they do it in complete privacy where no third person can see them, does it mean that they can perform the gusl without a single cloth on them? plz guide
Ulamaa ID 09
Assalamualaykum Im new to this site, and im not too sure how to use it well so please forgive me if i make any mistakes. I have recently started to become more practising in my deen and unfortunately my parents have not understood my change, i come from a family of very western thinkers and they do not why i have to cover. I have tried to explain to them with patience that as a muslim women i should be covering and i have even tried to explain that this is what Allah commands us to do in the quraan in several places, however they have recently also tried to make out that intermingling and talking to men is acceptable and there is nothing wrong with it. I have tried very hard to explain that we as muslims should abide by the laws of segregation, but i have had some difficulty..i was just wondering if you could help me explain to them or if you could give me any hadith or quraanic quotes that can back my arguement up..i would really appreciate it and inshAllah maybe they can understand where im coming from..or more importantly what Allah has commanded us to do. JazakAllah khair for any replies. Fi amanillah Your sister in Islam
Shafi'ee Madhab
Ulamaa ID 04

According to the Shafi'ee Madhab, does having injections or blood tests invalidate the fast?

Jazakumullahu Khairun,
Crocodile Leather
Ulamaa ID 03

Are we allowed to wear Crocodile skin clothes/hats and shoes?

Regents park masjid
Ulamaa ID 01
this is a link of 1 of the sheikh that come regents park everyyear 4 taraweeh listen to him and let me no wot u think jazakomollah
Ulamaa ID 09
Do we have to pay Zakat on jewellery that is for personal use, keeping in mind that Zakat is due on something that has been spare for full one year?
Alcohol in products
Ulamaa ID 03
are we allowed to use products that have alcohol in it such as perfume and face creams.
Ulamaa ID 06
Ulamaa ID 05
Is highlighting of Hair Allowed ?
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