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Moulana Fazlur Rahman aazmi of darul uloom azaadville can you give a brief biography including his origin and his education
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Assalamu Alaikum

If someone walks into the mosque, missing Esha and 1st 4 rakaats of tarawih, does he catch up then join, or pray the missed rakaats of tarawih after witr has finished?

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(this question is for a person following the shafee mathab)

I have some concerns about discharge and haiz.

I normally have discharge all the time, and every month iget haiz, the duration of haiz for a shafee person is maximum 15 days. my bleeding stops afer 11 - 12 days then again i get the discharge, so do i have my ghusal after 15 days or do i do my ghusal as soon as the bleeding stops?


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Recently a cousin of mine has been in touch with me and said that her nikah wasnt valid and that she was going to do it again as she had talked to some molvi local to her, who had said that the nikah is not valid if it is done in ramadaan and also between 2 eids. I myself didnt understand this, so was just requesting if you could clarify what this means.

i await your reply, jazakallahu khair
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is it wrong to grass on a sister if u are trying to help her and stop her doing wrong

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assalam alaikum. im in deep trouble. can u please help me out. i had my nikah last year and rukhsati was scheduled to take place this year. after nikah i had physical relations with my husband BUT TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. i.e my virginity is still intact. before rukhsati my husband game me divorce for no fault of mine. my question is..since we have touched i have to undergo iddat. can we remarry after iddat period expires? and since my rukhsati didnt take place im in my parents house..can i go out for work durin iddat?
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Is it permissable for women to wear sari's.. without showing stomach? i mean decently worn

Name meaning
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Respected elders Salamualaikum w.w

What is the meaning of the two names below :

May you reach success in this world and the hereafter as well.
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Assalam o alaikum

I m working with wagamamma Sydney as a Chef.U know how busy is friday lunch and my Head chef want me to work on friday.....i requested him to allow me for a short break to perform salaah at nearby mosque...he said if restaurant is quiet, u can go....it has been 3 months and no friday was quiet....i need your help....
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Assalam alaikum!
Is it permissible to remove facial hair along with eyebrows(if very dense) permanently by laser or any other method?
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