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Fasting problem
Ulamaa ID 06
Mera question yeh hay k men healthy hun aur motapay ki waja se bht batein suntee hun sb se..isleay mere ghr walon ne mera gym mein admission kradeea hay aur mjhy roza rkh k bhee gym jana parta hy subha dus bjay ..gym mein exercise ki waja se mjhy boht shadeed pyaas lagti hay...aur mjhse roza bardasht nhe hota...q k ghr a k bht kaam krna parta hay aur phr roza rkh k boht buree halt hojatee hay...gym ki waja se is kadr pyaas lgti hay k roza bht mushkil hojata hy...gym meree mjburee hay...slim na hui tow bht batein sunna partee hain..mera sawal hy k jb tk gym jarahee hun tw roza na rkhun tw kya yeh jaiz hy???phr agay rozay pooray krlungeee...please btaen
Ulamaa ID 09


women normally get a yellowy discharge throughout the wudhu broken whenever she gets it?



Ulamaa ID 04
AsSalamu Alaikum,

I have a big problem with keeping my wudhu. I often find that when I go to perform my wudhu oir salaat, I feel wind or something coming out, or on the surface just before exiting. I never hear anything most of the time, however sometimes I am not sure whether i have smelt something or not. I dont feel like passing wind out of salaat or widhu nearly all the time, but as soon as i do namaaz or ablution, I feel like Im feeling wind. I know Im not Mathur because i dont get it out of salaah, but when i do feel it during namaaz, is it real or wiswas? Sometimes I think Shaytaan is making me think that its a smell of wind, but Im not sure. It is really affecting my Salaah and I dont want to indulged further into this disease, please can you answer my question as soon as possible.

Jazkallah Khair and May Allah Reward you!

Assalamu Alaikum
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamu Alaykum..

Refering question 3360
I was browsing the net and i had come across

(copy and paste the following)

it showed...

A brother contacted :- Mars (01753 550055) & Nestle (020 8686 3333) and found out these are haram!!!:-

Celebrations Chocolates - all of them

Maltesers (Mini versions)

Mars (Mini and Fun Size versions)

M&M Peanuts

Snickers Fun Size & Mini

Bounty - All sizes

Lion Bar - All sizes

Those chocolates are haram (but you can contact them yourself to be sure)

this may help to answer the question 3360...
also below there is a link to show some of the halal chocolates

i hope this helps..

Ulamaa ID 04


I,ve got small scars on my private part where the skin overlaps (like a pocket), the problem is sometimes there is dirt in the scar, i,ve tried my best to clean it , but as it is sensitive and the scars are very small i,ve been unsuccesfull.

Is my fard ghusl valid despite water not reaching inside the scar and dirt?



Haiz during fast
Ulamaa ID 05

salaamz....if ur fasting and u start ur haiz den can u break ur fast

Ulamaa ID 05
When on istihaada (when a woman has been spot bleeding for more than 10 days) i understand she has to do wudhu for every salaat - i wish to ask is it permissible for a husband and wife to be intimate together during this time? And what about praying quran? jazakalah
Ulamaa ID 09
salaams there!
i was just wondering say a girl and boy have sex before marriage can they both get married to each other at all? if not why?
is the girl impure for another man?
Ulamaa ID 02
i have been married for about 8 years but i have never had any sexual relationship with my husband (im still virgin) but only hugging etc. we are seperated now for 7 years and for 2 years i have not seen even his face. now when i'll be divorce whether i am due to iddat or not. kindly answer my question.
Way Forward
Ulamaa ID 06
[Personal information removed] I have been married previously and have a daughter from my previous marriage. My husband who was also married previously has a daughter too. Since my daughter married my husband's nephew with choice and he wanted his daughter to marry him, he's broken all ties at home and we've had no relations since. I need some guidance of how I am to continued to live my life in this situation. Please be aware I have never asked for a divorce it has been my husband who seeks it. Admin Note: The original question has been edited so the public can still benefit from the answer.
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