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Moon Sighting
Ulamaa ID 01

Assalaamu Alaikum

I would like to know the fataw on moon sighting ( NOT TO FOLLOW SAUDI) from Deoband, Sharanpur, Dahbel, Khairul Madaaris, Binnori Town, Darul Karachi. Why most of the Ulma do't follow those fatawa. Many of the Ulma in UK are student of those who issue the fatawa.

Women and purdah
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamualiakum Mufti Sahb,
My question is pretty straightforward. I come from a religious background-Alhamdulillah . We originate from North West Pakistan and Afghanistan, we are known to the world as 'Pathan,' We are fortunate enough to have close family contact with the likes Of Thanvi (ra) and Sheikh (ra). Due to that reason, many of their teachings have been implied into our family set-up.
The main one is the issue of women remaining secluded. I'd like to bring this issue to ur attention. If we think back to the mentioned Sheikhs' literature or books from any of the Deoband Scholars then it clearly prohibits women from leaving the house all together, unless there is a 'GREAT NEED.'
Then the advise is that one should cloth and cover herself in an old chaadar and hold a walking stick so that she appears to be an old woman.
Where we come from in Pakistan, this is still practised, girls are not allowed to leave the house, for education or any other purpose. SubhanAllah, there are women amongst our elders who have never left the house all their lives, all because of the instructions from our pious predecessors.
My question is, when we look at the rest of the Muslim world, and the so called 'practising muslims' in other parts of the world and here in the West, there is such a big contrast. Women are now so heavily involved in the outside world, it is thought that as long as a woman is modestly covered, there is no harm. Why is there such a contrast? Surely our Ulama could have not exaggerated these masaail.
I know a lot of Gujrati sisters, who obviously are closely linked to the same School of Thought and background who also leave the house for social purposes in the least.
These questions have being plaguing me and my cousins for some time. I was hoping you could shed some light on the issue.
JazakaAllah for your precious time. And please note we are not at all trying to mock or criticise, rather clarify for our understanding. We are afraid of asking our own Ulama in person and such anonymous systems do not exist so far. So please excuse me if you find it to be offensive in anyway,
May Allah give us all the ability to follow the rules of Shariah' in their most purest form, ameen
A concerned Sister
Ulamaa ID 03
asalam o alikum

Mufti sahib,i cannot find the answer anywhere about neutrogena soaps...(for oily,dry and acne prone skin)
Are they made from pig fat(lard) or vegetable fats or what?I have kept these soaps since 1 year and i am in doubt so they are of no usuage.Please confirm and let me know.
Namaaz behind imaam
Ulamaa ID 04

Assalamu alaikum,

When reading namaz behind the imam should the follower say allahu akber always when the imam says it i.e before going into ruku,sajadah and should the follower also say assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah with imam or is the imams recitation of allahu akber and assalamu alaikum warahmatulllah sufficient?

Qasr namaaz
Ulamaa ID 04
when praying qasr namaaz, does one also have to perform the sunnats or do we only pray qasr of the fardh rakaats.

Name of daughter
Ulamaa ID 04
Sir my question is regarding name of my daughter, who born on 16th nov.2006, i named her as "Nayha Fatima". afterward i come to know that word "Nayha" is hindi name, where as at the time of giving name to my daughter i was told this is persiean word meaning is genious/wise. then ask same word meaning in hindi which meaning is loving, so i want to know that is this name is ok in islam, i would like to tell you that i was palaing to give my daughter name fatima, where as someone told me this is heavy for her according to her birthday and her name should start with urdu alphbat Noon. So pls tell me islamic status of this name
Ulamaa ID 03

To the respected theologians:

The national Government Animal welfare agency states that 33% of stunned chickens die before actual slaughter. Firstly, is it permissible to stun the animals prior to slaughter? Secondly, according to the mentioned statistics would it be permissible in the Holy Islamic Law to consume stunned chickens? Can you please confirm with evidence that in the Islamic Law if a person has doubt over one Chicken from a hundred it becomes prohibited for him to consume any of the chickens. I would be grateful if this answer could be given as soon as possible with the attestation by the respected Scholars.

JazaakAllaahu khairaa

Ulamaa ID 03
Sometimes I get a build-up on my teeth which does not go, even with brushing thoroughly several times a day. Will my bath be valid even though the water does not reach every part of my teeth?
I can remove this build-up from some areas if I scrape my teeth with a sharp object, but I am worried about damaging my teeth and injuring myself. Do I need to do this for my bath to be valid?
Ulamaa ID 03

i recently heard that the Krispy Kreme doughnouts are haram..i am not sure whether this is true plz could u shed some light as to whether it is hallal or haram, as many muslims i know eat these doughnouts. hope to hear from u soon inshallah

If a person ejaculates inside his trouser does all his clothes become na-paak or just his trousers?
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