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Ulamaa ID 09

I wanna ask a Question regarding my marrage.

I am alhamdulillah a hafiz ul Quran and an imam in a mosque. i wanna marry a girl, who is studying medical and wanna become a doctor in future, and she say she wanna work in a public hospital and she doesnt wanna cover her face and will not cover after marrage.

i am alhamdulillah an imam, i told her, i wont let you work in a public hospital but i will get a private surgery where you can only treat women intseat of men. but she doesnt agree with me and she say,, i will work with man,

other thing, i told her, you have to cover your face. she doesnt agree with me for this thing as well.

now i dont know what to do. can u please give me some advice in the view of islam,

1) can i marry such a kind of modern girl
2) am i right of asking her to cover her face.

i will be pleased if you can sort my problem out
Cosmetic surgery
Ulamaa ID 01
Is performing cosmetic surgery (as a plastic surgeon) involving operations such as face lifts,botox etc. permissable in islam? Regards
Problematic Sins
Ulamaa ID 09
I have a feet fetish. I mascurbate by myself. I am only 16. I am a Muslim
and also I pray 5 times a day. I do not know if Allah will forgive me or
not. I need help.

[edit: personal details removed]
Halal or haram ?
Ulamaa ID 04
If we lend some money from non-muslim banks for purchase of property on intrest bases in a non muslim country is it halal or haram ?
Hindu food
Ulamaa ID 03


hope your ok i jus wanna ask can we buy paan from hindu shops because i heard the put cow wee init cause its der god or sutink


Ulamaa ID 04

If something bad is written down about a person like in a personal diary is this allowed or is it still known as backbiting?
Ilmul adad
Ulamaa ID 05
is numerology(ilm ul aadad) allowed in islam. Is it ok to consult a numerology(ilm ul aadad) expert for our problems
Body hair
Ulamaa ID 04
Respectable schollars,
Iwant to ask the hairs of what part of body should be removed according to islamic teachings?
Ulamaa ID 10
if a person doesn't want another person to take picture of him/her, but the other person still tries and attempts to take picture of her what should he/she do?even after saying it to them so many times.and if they do in the end take a snap of you but refuse to get rid of it.....what should one do?
Ulamaa ID 04


I just wanted to know if there is a dua for halal food and halal rizq?

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