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Ulamaa ID 14

I am now 30 years of age and whilst I believe that marriage happens when a person is ready to accept it in thier lives and when Allah swt has decreed that moment. I dont think that the community I live in do accept this. I live with my sick father and we have to care for him which has delayed my marriage but one day my mother and I went to a friends house who had been to hajj there we met with other ladies and they got talking about marriage I came home very distressed as it has distressed my mother. I wen to sleep that night with a very heavy heart just before fajar I dreamt of the Prophet (saw) in my dream I didnt see his face and I was signing my marriage contract with him I was dressed in white, I took this dream as a kind of dream that was giving me courage and that marriage will come. What would your thoughts be and how would you advise me to pursue marriage I dont have brothers to look for a partner for me and my mother and I keep our selves to ourselves so how should I look for a partner I do work but keep my boundaries and do not feel that this is an environment where I should transgress them what would your advise be on this?
Ulamaa ID 03
Jazakallah for your answer, you mentioned "L-cysteine is permissable if it is "suitable for vegetairans", from chicken or duck feathers. It would be impermissable if it is from human hair." So what should one do if hee sees this ingredient, with the suitable for vegetarians sign? can he assume it is of the feathers and not human hair?
Im Sameer and from London. I recently had a marriage proposal, and while initially everything seems to be fine and we also did namaz Isthekhara with positive results, the issues now from the girl's side is that they consulted a Qari to check again if the marriage would work. After checking, the Qari stated that we will have problems and rows if we do get married, but it will only work if one of us change our name saying things like names are like water and fire and sometimes they doesnt match. Now I dont understand this and has never came across this situation in my life...I will really appreciate if you will be able to advise me on this as I really love the girl, and if I do change my name (As the Qari said) will it work? I have faith in Allah and I do know the importance of namaz Isthekhara too.. Im very worried.. Insha Allah I will hear from you soon.. Wassalam
Ulamaa ID 10
if one is raped or has committed zina is she allowed to have abortion as she knows that life for her is difficult as she will have to face the society and her family members, who most likely will threaten to disown her?or can she try other possibilities to loose the child?if not what should she do in a situation like that? or can she give birth but have the baby adopted?
Ulamaa ID 09
Assalamu Aleikum

i have recently heard that taking photographs of living beings is haraam.
i can understand why this would be so if the intention was to worship the photographs, but is there any harm in taking photographs just for the memory of a special occasion??
like when im with my friends, we like to take photographs of the good times we'v had together, is that a sin?
please advice me

assalamu aleikum
Marriage- general
Ulamaa ID 09
i feel ready to get married but their to seem to be no decent proposals comming however my parents are not worried because they are leaving it to allah s.w.t as i am also but some time i get bad thoughts i have been reciting the dua that you have published in one of your answers but if you have any other wazifaah tp recite please reply back.
Is reiki allowed?
Ulamaa ID 03
asallam allaikum.
reiki is a universal energy which heals disease . it flows through hands. i think nothing cult in it , why some scholars says dont use it.
Ulamaa ID 01

Salaams Mufti Sahib,

Please can u tell me if you need Wudu to pray quran on the net. the site i refer to is darul uloom burys website which has the FULL quran on it where people can pray it page to page. i was thinking that wont the same rule apply as the normal qurans we read which have hardback cardboard covers and "jub-daans" around them. as they do not have ANY ayats of the quran on them but as they form the physical part of the quran at THAT particular moment we need to have wudo as touching these would mean touching the quran also as both are part of the same entity at THAT particular moment. if will be completley different i know if the pages of the quran with the acutally ayats and the hardback cardboard and "jub-daan" are totally sperated. Would you therefore also require wudo when praying the quran on PC as at THAT particluar moment you are display the word /ayats of the Quran on the PC screen the whole of the PC would form part of the entity of the quran once you have come out of that screen it will no longer be considered part of the quran no more????? please help calrify

Ulamaa ID 04


my sis recently had a miscarridge and she wants to know will she ever meet her child and if she does in junnah?

Faith Schools
Ulamaa ID 11
What can be done about Islamic faith schools that have become cultural institutions that do very little to promote Islam?
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