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Ulamaa ID 01
[color=darkblue:ebf99161a1][/color:ebf99161a1][size=18:ebf99161a1][/size:ebf99161a1][b:ebf99161a1] As-salamalikum, my question is: Are we allowed to keep a journal for our dreams. Also I know that dreams play a vital role in islam but do you guys also interpret dreams.. jazakallah [/b:ebf99161a1]
Ulamaa ID 03
salam.can you please help me.i try to say the khalimah from my heart but my heart wouldnt believe it,i believe it but somethings wrong with my heart.i know its a spiritual disease.i read the quran daily and make dua to Allah to help me but its not going heart just wouldnt accept it,i believe sometimes but others times it just wouldnt accept it.i try my best to stay away from sins,i dont watch tv or listen to music...i wear hijab and i even want to do niqab someday.i dont know why this is happening to me,i cry a lot because of it.i sit and cry and ask Allah for help but my heart wouldnt change.i dont want to die like this because im scared that my heart is not going to let me say the khalimah at the time of my death.can you please please please help me.whats wrong with my heart?i try to make it believe in the khalimah but it just wouldnt accept it.please help me.
Ulamaa ID 04
assalam u alaykum recently someone asked me what if a munfarid is reading salaat then someone comes and joins him does the munfarid become imaam i was wondering if the muftis could answer this question jazakah hu khair
New Smarties Again
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamu Alaykum,


So does this mean that smarties are haraam?

Ulamaa ID 04


i used to recite surah while i was praying in the jamaat behind the imam.i heard that you are not supposed to recite surah using your tongue but not loudly behind the imam.whenever i hear the imam recite...i automatically start reciting behind him silently.i just wanted to make sure if this is right or me with the right procedure of praying in a jamaat behind the imam.

i wud appreciate it if i get a reply.AllahHafiz

Marriage Duas
Ulamaa ID 10
Assalamualikum wrwb, what it is is that there is a guy that i wish to marry my family is aware of this but they refuse to accept it because it is simply a guy that i wish to marry my brothers are being really stubborn about it and are also very violent. I do have full faith and imaan in Allah SWT that insha'Allah one day soon it will work out with evryone's happiness but i was just wanted to know is there anything that i can read any dua's or anything to help me persuade my family in accepting this proposal because i wish to get married with this guy with evryones happiness. Jazarkallah Khair May Allah reward you for all you help & please remember me in your dua's
sir can a muslim or a pious ( aawliya) muslim perfrom namaz hajj and umra after death in grave as he do as alive.
what a muslim do in grave.
Ulamaa ID 12
Are the Jinn responsible for their action's?
Ulamaa ID 03

is it permissible to use perfume which contains alcohol.


Maggi chicken stock
Ulamaa ID 03
Is Maggi chicken stock halal.

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