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Regarding hajj
Ulamaa ID 04

assalam alakum,

i like to know if somwbody bought house on loan and isstill unpaid and now decide to go for hajj is it right or wrong ,or he has to pay his loan first and then go hajj,please advice


Ulamaa ID 02
Assalamualeakum w.w I was in the plane and some brothers in islam said the azan aloud, thereafter carried out the salat in the aisle, me wearing niqab i didnt think it was appropiate to stand in the aisle to pray cause i would be center of attention being the only female praying. Therefore i prayed salat in my seat was that wrong of me? can you please tell me the shariat ruling regarding this matter. Jazakamullah kair
assalamualaikum w.w Is pizza hut doubtful? and why?
Lustful thoughts
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam aleikum, do unintentional lustful thoughts invalidate one's fast and how does Islam deal with them?
Istigarah for umrah
Ulamaa ID 04
is there such thing as doing 'istigarah' for performing Umrah?if not then why, as this isn't fardh upon a muslim.if you don't mind could you please email me the answer asap.
SalaamDo you have to do Sajdah if you hear it on an audio such as tape or on the internet?
Assalamualaykum warahmatullah

I would just like to ask, how many hours would the prophet salialahualayhi wassalam sleep for during the night and during the day?

I would also like to ask what the prophet salialahualayhi wassalam would eat for his meals?

Jazaka'Allah khair for your time.
Wassalamualaykum warahmatullah
Ulamaa ID 03
what surah should i recite before exams..i have 2 weeks in hand for preparations...
Sperm donation
Ulamaa ID 04
can a muslim man donate sperm.
is it haram or is it allowed
Hijab at home
Ulamaa ID 10
Assalamu Alaeikum

I have recently started wearing hijab.
however, we have 2 male drivers to drive us around as no one in our family has a licence. So even if i am just in the garden, there is usually a driver around.
Must i wear my head scarf as they are not any relatives of mine even though i am in my own home??
please advise me

Assalamu Aleikum
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