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Dawud zahiri
Ulamaa ID 04
Was the math-hab of Dawud Zahiri rightly guided? I have read that the zahiris did not consider it a sin to beat up one's parents. Is this true?
ANSWERED: Istinjah
Ulamaa ID 02
1.We have in Japan automatic toilets , the stream of water comes from downside when a button is pressed, this stream of water directly hits the anus hole and Istinjah can be made, now ramazan is coming , I am worried if this thing can invalidate Fast? 2.Please also tell if some body inserts a small piece of tissue in the penis hole and it hides in it , does this break fast?
Dear brother in islam

I got this Dua from website which is:

rabb laa tadhayniy fardan wa anta khayrul waari theen.

And this next dua from website (101 duas)

rabbe la tazarni fardavn wa anta khairool vareseen

These both duas are to get pregnant (for getting a child) can you please type these duas which are same in ARIBIC because i dont know how to read them in english.

On the website it says you should recite LSTIGHFAAR for getting pregnant is this word Lstighfaar or Istighfaar can you please type this for me in arabic too.

Also i have not got a reply for my last question dated a week ago.


Ulamaa ID 04


some one asked wheather contraception was halaal oor not ?i said it was NOT but may be there is srong reasons under which it is allowed but i told them that i let them know as soon as possible.

the question is ;

is contraception halaal in islam?


Sperm donation
Ulamaa ID 04
can a muslim man donate sperm.
is it haram or is it allowed
respected now days many womens goes for umra in the form of groups but they not go with any other family members. In shariat point of view what is actual.
Assalamu alaikum,

In an earlier answer, you stated that cow rennet is permissible to use based on a Hadith in which the Prophet (sall Allahu alayhi wa sallum) ate cheese made by the Magians.

Would this answer still apply if the process used to make the rennet is as described in the following Wikipedia article under the heading "Modern method" and involves not just extracting the rennet from a (Non-zabeeha) animal's stomach, but actually freezing the stomach and cutting it up and then treating the stomach chemically to get the rennet from it?

Tic Tac
Ulamaa ID 03
are tic tacs halal in uk or not
Stolen goods
Ulamaa ID 01
salaam wa alaykum i am in a state of confusion. unfortunatly shaytaan tempted me to take a phone which did not belong to me, it belonging to a kafir from my workplace. after i took it i felt very bad but i cannot return it because i sold it. is it enough for me to ask for forgivness? please can you get back to me soon because i am very distressed. jazakallah khair
Mehndi parties
Ulamaa ID 04
is it permissable for a bride to be to host a mendi party before the wedding?
if all the rules of islam, eg pardah, no music, are observed and no haram takes place, in that case is it permissable?
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