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Ulamaa ID 02
Assalamoalaikum wa rehmatullah respected mufti's hazraat.

I wanted some advice regarding halal income. Sir, I reside in England (U.K.) I am a full-time university student and I work part-time and so do my siblings. Sir, my siblings work at ASDA a supermarket chain which sells all sorts of merchandise ranging from clothes to alcohol etc.

Sir, my brother is bait {took allegiance} in a Sufi silsala {naqshabandi} and his friend also a Sufi holds a Friday night mehfil at our house and he said to my brother that, your income is not halal because you work at a organisation {asda} which sells sharab {alcohol}.

My brother?s job role is this, he works as a delivery driver for asda he stocks crates full of a customer order and delivers it at the required destination.

Sir the problem is this, as students we can?t find office type jobs in this country as one is then asked to do job during the weekday whilst we go to university during the weekdays and work at weekends???? so it?s really difficult.

Although I?m not saying that, what our brother in Islam told us was wrong, what I mean is sir it?s majbori for us as we have to somehow earn a living, pay bills etc. Allah knows our niyat {intention} sir even we don?t like touching alcohol but as I said, we are compelled due to our conditions {halaat} at home.

I just wanted your advice on this matter because what my brother?s friend said to us has put us in two minds. Whenever you find time then please reply to my query ASAP.

Jazakallah kheir

Ulamaa ID 10
Aslamo laikum wr wb dear honorable mufthi.
is there screening between men and women in the masaajid, and when was the parda/screen at gatherings between men and women required in time of Rasoolullah saws? i heard that Amir ul mumineen Umar Farooq ra advised the Prophet saws about the parda/screen between men and women is that right so too?
jazkmullah khair.
Ulamaa ID 03
if there are 2 people doin jamat(maqtadi will stnd on the right).
however if a third person joins wot shud the imam and muqtadi do
Ulamaa ID 10
I know it is a sin to leave your hair exposed and therefore observing hijab is required. But if your hair falls on the floor, Is it sinful if a non mahram sees it?

I do try to avoid leaving the hair on the floor but my hair falls alot and if i havent noticed the hair will there be a sin commited on my part? Does this apply to hair on the floor or clothes aswell or not?
Quran recite
Ulamaa ID 03
when a person is praying salaat with jammat in zohr/asr does he have to recites surah fatha and a surah. is there any namaaz in which a person needs to recite quran in?
Im Sameer and from London. I recently had a marriage proposal, and while initially everything seems to be fine and we also did namaz Isthekhara with positive results, the issues now from the girl's side is that they consulted a Qari to check again if the marriage would work. After checking, the Qari stated that we will have problems and rows if we do get married, but it will only work if one of us change our name saying things like names are like water and fire and sometimes they doesnt match. Now I dont understand this and has never came across this situation in my life...I will really appreciate if you will be able to advise me on this as I really love the girl, and if I do change my name (As the Qari said) will it work? I have faith in Allah and I do know the importance of namaz Isthekhara too.. Im very worried.. Insha Allah I will hear from you soon.. Wassalam
Shia Leading Prayer
Ulamaa ID 04
I am Hanifi & we have a Shia who attends our Mosque for prayer, can he lead any prayers & can a sunni pray behind him? How should we treat him, he prays behind when we lead prayer!
Missing rakaats
Ulamaa ID 04
in zohar namaz behind the imam if u miss 3 rakaats do u have to read sureh fatiha and suraat in all 3 rakaats that have been missed
Ulamaa ID 03
Asalaam Walikum.asthakfirullah I have commited a bad sin and would like to know what I should do to repent,what the punishment is and how to stop it from happening again.

Also, what should I do about a marriage situation because we want to get engaged but what are the limitations how far can we go when we are engaged.also does she have to take Shahada before we get engaged.

Then if we were to marry would we need to live in the same house?we are from different towns so is it acceptable to get married and live separatly. If so is it ok to be as a husband and wife are with other and live separatly,whilst being married of course.

I would appriciate it if you could answer these questions.My Allah grant you rewards for all your time and Jazakallah Wassalam.
Istigarah for umrah
Ulamaa ID 04
is there such thing as doing 'istigarah' for performing Umrah?if not then why, as this isn't fardh upon a muslim.if you don't mind could you please email me the answer asap.
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