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Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamualaikum wrwb,

My wife will is pregnant and will be entering her 5th month starting this ramadhan. please let us know if she can perform her normal fasting during ramadhan month. At present she is healthy, and has normal pregnancy symptoms of sleepiness, hungry, etc. please advise in this matter.

Jazakkallah khair

Mohammed Jameel
Computer Games
Ulamaa ID 04
Can you give me a quick reply. Is computer games HARAAM, MAKROOH or ALLOWED
Fast timing
Ulamaa ID 04
Aslamulikum wru
for truck driver what time should fast start and finish while he is driving in different states and time zone.
Zulfa and hair oil
Ulamaa ID 04

for men to keep zulfa is a sunnah of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), but how long is the hair meant to be. some people say its up to the shoulders and some say up to the ear lobes.

my second question is, i am aware that there is a way that prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) applied oil to his hair. please could you tell me the sunnah of how to apply it.

Ulamaa ID 03
is coca cola harram because i have heard that it has alchohol
Ulamaa ID 03
I am a religious muslim having beard. And 1 year before I came in contact with a religious girl. I decided to marry her and talked to her family persons. She is also agreeing. Now I am in another city and we will INSHALLAH marry after 2 years with the permission of parents. I don?t want to make any contact with her as it is forbidden in Islam. I love her too much because she is so religious and I can?t forget her. I use to think about her and life after marriage. So is it permissible to think about a non mahram girl? And we are not mailing or chating or phone etc.
Ulamaa ID 03
what surah should i recite before exams..i have 2 weeks in hand for preparations...
Ulamaa ID 03
Asslaam aleykum Mufti Yusuf Sacha from west yorkshire can u tell me a bit about him becasue appraently he is meant to be a part of a hard line sect is it true?
Ulamaa ID 03
slm my grandfather has severe backache due to osteoporosis...doctor gave him painkillers which he doesnt want to take due to side effects.......he askd to be given a medicin he can rub (goldshield phorpain gel)...unfortunately it has got alcohol in it (hydroxyethyl cellulose, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol) iv heard some alcohols are synthetic so it doesnt effect wudhu...im not sure if the above are or not........my grandfather says if it was2 be applied on the foot hed use it coz itd get washed off in wudhu...but he doesnt feel right to use it on his back coz it will be there while he is in salah... he has some indian oils which are ok for mild pain but doesnt giv him relief wen its bad...so he says these are alternatives wich means it will not be permissable to use the doctor prescribed alcohoeld rub. he suffers alot with the pain wich he says he'l deal with instead of doing something disliked. wot is (islamically)the best thing to do? and wot is the allowed thing to do?and are the above types of alcohol in medicin permissble in the first place? i know theres a long queue of questions but i hope u can answer relatively quicky as theres no point him suffrin if it is ok and permissble. jazakallah lots
Name Yasfir
Ulamaa ID 04

I would like to know if the name "Yasfir" is a good muslim name, or not.

I heard that it means the "right arm of shaytan".

Should i change my name?

Kind regards,
Yasfir Ebrahim
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