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Ulamaa ID 04
assalam u alaykum recently someone asked me what if a munfarid is reading salaat then someone comes and joins him does the munfarid become imaam i was wondering if the muftis could answer this question jazakah hu khair
Ulamaa ID 04
As Salaamu Aleykum Mufti Saab,

Please can you inform me of who are the barelvi and where they are found as I am not so sure about them, from what I read they are many of them in the muslim world. I would like to know what they believ and is their belief the same as the Sunni muslims

JazakAllahu Khayr for your time

Ulamaa ID 05
Assalamu Alai Kum Sir, My problem is that very often feel urination problem. It comes very frequently and I cannot stop it. When ever I am engage in any work or prayers I feel that a drop or two has come out and I have to wash myself and change my dress. Previously it was worse; I have to change my dress five to six times a day for prayers (Salat) and I often urinated on bed at night, but now by the grace of Allah now I never urinate on bed. But the above problem is still there. I always miss my Fajar (Dawn) prayers. Now I am taking some ayurvedic medicine. I also want to ask that whenever I urinate in washroom I feel that some splash of urine has been collected on my dress. Please suggest me the way of urination how to do it properly without dirtying the cloth. Whenever I pray (Salat) different kinds of thought comes to my mind (Satan appears). But I try concentrate on my salat and sometime I pray very heedfully and try to concentrate on it. I also want to ask you that please let me know good Qur?anic verses and duas (Wazaif) to recite for the above problems and some Qur?anic verses and duas (Wazaif) so that my sins will be forgiven by Allah, insha-Allah. Please pray for me and remember me in your prayers. Thanking You. Yours faithfully, Mohammed Mudassar.
Ulamaa ID 01
Salam, Can you confirm that you can keep any name. as when Muhamed(PBUH) was born he was born to parents who were idol worshippers, and as Islam spread people like Omer (RA) Abu Bakr (RA) Khatija (RA) and Abu Sufyan (RA) all kept thier pre-islamic names. So that leads to the conclusion that you can keep any name, as with names that are mentioned in Koran of prophets whose parents were of Idol worshippers who gave them their names and subsequently never changed them during prophethood e.g Ibrahim, Moosa, Ayoob, Lot and Muhammed etc.
Mary magdeline
Ulamaa ID 04

assalamalaykum i dont know if this question is silly or irrelevant to islam but i am very curious to what islam says about mary magdeline and her relationship to isa a.s. christians place grat emphasis on her and so i was wondering what islam said about her.

thank you.

Ulamaa ID 02
Salam, say if the imam is incorrectly pronouncing words in salah, does this invalidate the salah? Like for example the Imam says "zaalikah" instead of "dhaalika" and instances such as these? and also, is it recommended or is it fardh to recite every single letter of a word correctly?
Life after death
Ulamaa ID 04
what happens in the life after death?
Ulamaa ID 04

I wanted to know that is covering the face or niqaab is fardh or sunnah?..suppose it is fardh, then is it fardh in all fiqhs?

And also some people say that it is sunnah..are they right?

Ulamaa ID 04
Aslamoalikum mufti sahab, I do nikah with the girl I love i just wanna ask some different question.That is it right in islam to suck private parts of your wife body.or is it right to do sex from anal mean backside if u do ure nikah breaks or not.and also is it prohbited to put finger in vagina and anal.and is masterbation is harmfull.You cant make child and satisfy ure wife if you do after marriage.and from where i can find my answer.I am really shamed to ask this question but i didnt do anything just i want to take information.bc i am a muslim and i have to know about the boundaries of islam which i dont have to cross.i will be greatfull to you.Allah app ko jaza de ameen
my question is regarding zakat, i want to know that if i have some bank deposits as well as loans, should i have to pay zakat on net amount i mean bank deposit less loans or i have to pay on banks deposit amount.
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