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Ulamaa ID 04

assalmualaikum warahmatullah... i pray this message finds you in good health..i am a teacher at an islamic school, where the subject of hijab is an huge issue, i would be grateful if you can help me by telling me what are the gfour imams views on the covering of the face..may allah give oyu the highest rank in jaanat.. jazakallahu kairan kaseeran kaseera

assalamualaykum, inshallah this reaches you in the best of health and imaan, i was wondering on the islamic view points of wearing surmah outside of the home, i wear the niqaab, im so used to wearing surmah i have to wear it everyday, i was wondering if there is any sin on me wearing it outside, especially as i uncover my eyes only, inshallah i await your response,
Ulamaa ID 04
are women allowed to wear any type of jewellery that aren't real, meaning that they are fake?
Ulamaa ID 04
Respected Elders,

Assalmu-alaykum Warahmatullah.

I heard that the scientific term for alcohol in vinegar is different from the definition given by the shari'ah, if so then what is it and why is it?

May Allah elevate the Ummah.

Ghusl clothing
Ulamaa ID 03
when a perspon is required to do guhsl because of semen dischrage must a person change all the clothes he was wering at that time?
Regents park masjid
Ulamaa ID 01
assalamualykumwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh i use to pray taraweah prayer at regents park masjid as i really like the recitation of the qari that c0ome from egypt and lead the night prayer during ramahan and also recite tilawah of quran for all to benefit and listen but the shuyukh havent got the real beard what must i do ? can i carry on from next ramadhan go there or must i go elsewhere as i been many masajid in london but i havent found that same quranic recitation and atmosphere as at regents park plz help and give me ur opinion i am waiting for ur reply shukran jazeeran
Ulamaa ID 01
Are we allowed to use condoms in islam
Ulamaa ID 05
Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

In a hadeeth it says that the prophet S stopped people from combing their hair every day. This hadeeth refers to men as we know.

What I would like to know that does it mean that it is Haraam to comb the hair everyday or is it just makrooh or is the hukum something else? What if a man DOES comb his hair everyday, will he get gunah?

What made us think that it is right to comb the hair everyday is that this hadeeth may come under the category oof cleanliness so if a Muslim wants to be clean and put a good impression of Muslim men to the public then he may comb his hair everyday, we are not looking at the fashion of today. Also, at the end of the day, everything, every act is according to a person's intentions so that he may be rewardeed according to it. So if the intention is for cleanliness, then is it a sin to comb the hair everyday?

In other words, what is the exact meaning of this hadeeth?

Please could you have this message replied to by the end of nexyt week if you can.


Animals in jannah
Ulamaa ID 04
is there sheep in jannah?
also is there any animals in jannah?
Salat of a Mazoor
Ulamaa ID 03
Salam Does a (Mazure) ie someone following the ruling of ISTIHDHA or discharge have to do wudhu for Salat duha, if they already have wudhu from salat fajr? Jazakallah
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