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Plucking eye brow
is it permitted in islam to pluck the eye brow by women which is a very common practise these days.
Ulamaa ID 04
assalamualaykum waRahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

i read a few ayats in surah baqarah around ayat 90-100, and i came across a few ayats regarding Prophet samuel and goliath, but i did not understand what the ayats meant, and i did not understand what was going on, can mufti/moulana sahib please give me some explanation of the verses,
walaykumassalam wrwb
Chicken Spot
Ulamaa ID 03
Salaam Mufti Saab, Whats the score with Chicken Spot on Manor Rd. Heard they had doggy suppliers but could not confirm with other brothers. Musa
Ulamaa ID 04
If a man sleeps with his wife naked but does not have intercourse does that break his fast? even if he touches her breasts?
Ulamaa ID 06
salaam is taraweeh namaz fard , sunat or nafl when making intention at teh start jazakallah
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamu alaikum,

I have a flight on Friday at 12.30pm. In terms of salaatul Jumuah what should be done as we will be in the waiting area for the flight at the Begining time for zuhr in London which is at 11.59am. Should we do Zuhr or should we still try to make a jamaat for Jumuah?


Brother Sarfraz
Food and drink
Ulamaa ID 10
Asalaam Aliakum,i have a question regarding my father in-law. i am married to my husband who is a revert and has been for nearly 6 years Allhamdulilah. we often go down to see his father who is a hindu. he offers us food and drink. i just wanted to know if its permissable to eat and drink from there, if not then what would one say and do without hurting that persons feelings.

walaikum salaam
Ulamaa ID 02
QUESTION: As Salam Walikum, Questions regarding Taqleed, Ijtihad & Madahabs 1. When answering this issue in the past you?ve used both logic & Quran/Hadith. But when explaining to many people i.e. 'Ahl-Hadith' 'Salafis', they reject any type of logic. When you corner them, they say this deen is not based on logic. And they have their own interpretations of the Quranic verses & Hadith which you quote in regards to taqleed. So please can you provide me with quotes & names of renowned scholars whom they too accept from the early centuries who have said a)Taqleed is wajib on the layman. b)Wajib to stick to the opinion of one imam. c)Wajib to follow 1 of the 4 schools of thought. (Please be as detailed as possible). 2. They say it?s incorrect to claim it is wajib to follow a madhab because this means those who are not will be at a state of sin and will go hellfire. How do I respond to this? 3. It seems that there are no Hanafi ulema active in helping us in this issue? There are only a few books in English we can resort to, other than that we have no support from the onslaught of the salafi dawah. Only recently in our locality we were condemned for praying 20 Rak?ats for Tarawih which according to them is a ?REPREHENSIBLE BIDAH?. Most of us do not have the time or capability to research into depth regarding each & every controversial issue of Fiqh the salafis bring up & we can?t seek help directly from Hanafi ulema as they are not as available as the salafi imams in Greater London. Hanafi imams in our locality seem to be quiet in this issue and as a result the salafis are harassing many & have dulled many people. JAZAKALLAH KHAIR
Ulamaa ID 03
If a company uses glycerin in its product, e.g. in toothpaste or mouthwash, can we use it if according to the company any animal by-product used is chemically altered during manufacturing and no longer resembles the original substance by the time it's added to the product? The company says that they have no way to telling what their source of glycerin is. It could be vegetable based or animal based, in which case it could be either pork or beef. So am I allowed to use such toothpaste or mouthwash which contain glycerin?

Ulamaa ID 09
Assalamu Alaykum,

Say a woman does I'tikaaf in her room. Can she go around her room to get things e.g. a book from the shelf or look for things in her cupboard?

Also, is that you CANNOT talk worldly talk or is it makrooh or is it jaiz? If not, then what is said about passing messages by writing it on a piece of paper?

Jazakallah for your time and efforts.

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