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what is your opinion on these scholars: Mufti Ibrahim Desai Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthar
Ulamaa ID 01
Is Shaykh Al Albani a deviant, and why?
Revealing hair
Ulamaa ID 03
Is it permissible for women to reveal their hair, and forearms to other women, such as at weddings etc, be they muslim or non-muslims? Most women take off their Hijabs at weddings to show off their jewellry and fashion clothes, and remove their head scarves to display their hair styles. To what extent can they show off?
Chicken Cottage
Ulamaa ID 03
Salaam Mufti saab, In the new edition of Muslim Directory there is a rather colourful advertisement for a halaal chicken and chips place called Chicken Cottage. They also have a website Can you please find out if they are 100% halaal. They do have a very large store base even stretching out to Europe and the Middle East. The closet ones to us are their stores in Seven Sisters Rd and Leyton. Jazakallah Musa
Ulamaa ID 04
18 months ago I wrote a talaq on a piece of paper as follows:"due to a breakdown in our marriage on the grounds of incompatibility, and by mutual agreement, i (name) hereby proclaim one talaq upon you (name). The terms for reconciliation shall be according to islamic shariah. If in this time we are able to reconcile our differences, then there shall be no sin upon us to come back together as husband and wife. After this period, the talaq shall become irrevocable".
Question is could I re-marry my ex-wife now given that I have given only one talaq and it has been 18 months since, but I did use the word irrevocable?
Ulamaa ID 10
My name is sadia an I am 26 years old...I am going to complete 2 years of my marriage alhamdulillah and I don't have any children....I tried so many wazifas,daily I pray tahajjud salaath as well....but I dont know when my duaa is going to get fullifilled.....yes,Allah knows best....can u
pleae give me any good duaa or wazifa so that i can get pregnant soon....jazakallahu khair
Ulamaa ID 03
assalamu alaikum
my husband wants a 2nd wife but does that mean going in chat rooms and talking to girls is allowed?when am not there 2.Is it permissible to find a wife this way?Am i allowed 2 have a say in this?
Food matters
Ulamaa ID 03
is lucozade haraam?
Engagement in Islam
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu-alaykum mufti sahib. I will be getting married in 3 months time inshallah and wanted to know if engagements are allowed in Islam. In an engagement, you hold the lady's hand and put the ring in the finger and as far as I know, you aren't supposed to touch a lady without doing nikah. Another point I'd like to mention is that how long of a gap should there be from engagement to nikah. For example, would it be possible to have the nikah 3 months after the engagement? In this gap, would I be able to meet my fianc? alone to get to 'know' her and understand her? I know for a fact i WILL get married to her as my family is happy with this relation and I KNOW the engagement will not break. If I'm not allowed to meet her, then what is the purpose of the engagement? What rights do I have over my fianc?? I hope you could answer my question as I will need to know if i could go ahead with the arrangements. Jazakumullah-khayrun.

Brother Salman
Ulamaa ID 01
assalamu alaikum my spouse and i normally get along well. we have a great understanding between us. but lately, our relationship seems to be going from good - worse. from my point, he is really controlling my every action. its very dificult for me as i already have kids and i have another on the way. i dont go out with friends. neither do i go out shopping for clothes or to the market with anyone. only rarely im aloud to go with family which is understandeble. my pregnancy hormones are everywhere. iam very sensitive and i get alot of pains. he doesnt seem to have time to see to me. it seems to be a drastic change in him. also he seems to be adament on sorting even the slightest misunderstanding out there and then. be it that iam @ my in-laws. he dosnt understand that it is embarassing for me. he keeps violently pushing me to make me look at him and agree to him. (he only does this when we r alone - pushing me and the rest) i do wish that Allah gave me the ability to keep my mouth shut. although i dont scream, i keep quiet at first. but then he dosnt shut up and he carries on and on like men may describe a 'nagging wife'. thats when i cant keep it quiet and try to say my point. i used to be able to stay quiet, but not at the moment. ive told him im very sensitive at the moment, and i end up crying wanting to walk out on him. i cant figure out what is wrong. i seem to be loosing myself with my deen. i stopped watching programmes and films since my 1st pregnancy and thought of continuing the rest of my life like this, with out the biggest shaytan. and in my pregnancy, i was extremely carefull watching tv or generally talking afraid of the influence on my unborn. this pregnancy seems to be nothing. i end up watching tv and films with my husband. and my daily wazifas, surats, durrood and manzil have all stopped. i am praying short namazes making it a habbit. Allah, has taken this away from me and although i crave for it to be back and stop the other gunas, i cant get myself to do it. i feel like runinng away from my husband but i dont coz deep down we love each other and we have too many kids!! but i cant control my feelings when he becomes like an opressor. please advise me in the best possible manner. and asap sorry to burden your eysesight with this ever long message.
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