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I heard that there is this namaz that every muslim should perform at least once in their lifetime. I would like to know which namaz is it and how do you pray it, someone told me that its only two rakats.


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Please can you give the explanation of predestination (qadr) and quotes from Quran and Hadith. Jazakallah
Deferred Dowry
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Is Deferred Dowry payable only on death or divorce, secondly is there any limitations to the amount of dowry, furthermore if a gift (asset,property) is given to the wife to the value of the deferred dowry, and it's mutually understood and accepted that it's in respect of the deferred dowry, is this acceptable.? Jazak-Allah (Question posted as received)
Shahmir Name
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my son Shahmir Faisal is 1.6 years of age. He started walking at the age of one year and 4 months. He is still not able to talk although some time he says "Ammi" or "Papa".
Someone has told us that his name "Shahmir" is heavy on him. Coz Shahmir means "King of the kings" which is only GOD.

Now tell us whether we should change his name or not?
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can u use aftershaves

Combining salat
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aslam o alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato, first of all well done for all the all hard work on this site may Allah Taalah reward you(ameen). i follow the Hanafi Madhab, last month i travelled away, my flight was at 11.30am from manchester airport to turkey, i arrived in turkey at 5.30pm. i combined 2 farz for zohar and 2 For Asr in turkey in Asr time, nowadays it is almost impossibe to have proper khushoor in salat on the plane as there is alchohol and half naked women on the plane. i prayed my maghrb and isha in maghrib time as i had a connecting flight from turkey which meant i was arriving at the next destination past sub sadiqi.e Fajr. is this ok whilst at my final dsetination i prayed all my salats as musaffir i.e. praying seperately jazak allah bothers and keep the good work up
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As'alamualaykum, i would like to know whether tallow or tallow derivatives used in personal care products is halaal, ie: in non food products. Your help is greatly appreciated. Jazak Allah
Reciting Quran
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Please can you tell me if one is allowed to recite the Grave site of a muslim be it family or friends...I am of the opionion that it is wrong and should not be done, however my family believe otherwise... how can i clear this up in the simplist way.. are there any hadiths i acn quote to them that are relevant. Also how should ideally a grave be made up according to the Quran and Sunnah.
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hi may i know which ingredients are haram in a hair dye?
Hanafi fiqh books
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As salamu aleykum,

A Salafi (Wahhabi) claimed on a website that the Hanafis have no isnads in their fiqh books to Imam Abu Hanifa. He claimed that the Hanafi Fiqh books are written 4 or 5 centuries after the deaths of Imam Abu Hanifa and his 2 students Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad.

IS this true? If not, can you give me a list of Fiqh books that are written right after the deaths of Imam Abu Hanifa(death 150 AH/767) and Abu Yusuf(death 183AH/798) And Imam Muhammad (death 189AH/805)?

Let say a list of Fiqh books that are written between 189 AH (805) and 500 AH (1117)

Please mention the date of each book.

Was salaam
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