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Ulamaa ID 03
As salaamu alaikum Mufti Saahib, I sincerly ask for your advice as to what to do. I am a married woman, who got married in order to be able help control my unnatural desire for women. Astaghfirullah, i am deeply ashamed to have mention this in your blessed presence, but i cannot cope any longer as i am also pregnant and am still having the same problem. alhamdulillah i love my husband, find him attractive and we have a normal private relationship- but none of this has helped my problem. i have never, ever mentioned this to anyone, not even to my Shaykh (Riyadh ul Haq) due to being ashamed. Not only do i have the desire in my heart but also i search on the internet for lewd pictures to look at. i feel as if the whole earth has become very narrow for me and i dont know where to turn to from my evil desires. i have had this problem for many years, and i feel afraid to die with this desire still in my heart. I pray 5 times a day, wear full hijaab, read Qura'aan and have studied much Deen before i married a year ago;all of this to no avail. I have also performed on many occasions Tawbah, weeping over this sin. Even when i am alone, i weep as i do not know what to do. i request you for many, many duas.
Ulamaa ID 01

Assalaamu 'Alaykum Warahmatullaah,

I know that in the UK it is permissable to have car insurance due to the fact the the law of the land makes it obligatory. However, what happens in the situation where you have insurance and you become involved in a car accident. Is it permissable to claim the money for damages for your car?

References would be appreciated, Jazakallaah.

Gelatin in capsules
Ulamaa ID 03
Dear Mufti saheb Assalamu alikum, My doctor has prescribed some capsules as an antibiotic treatmnet for indigestion and ulcers. While I was reading the ingredients I realised that the casules contains Gelatine, therefore I have not taken any capsule yet. Could you please let me know whats the islamic ruling regarding this, am I allowed to take these capsules. Jazzak Allah Rashid Khan
Ulamaa ID 01
I am in love with a guy who is 30 years old and i am 34 years old. we had consensual sex in one instance and after that we promised not to do it before our wedding, and asked for Allah's forgiveness. Will it be considered a sin even if we get married? And also the guys parents are not agreeing to wed us off as i am older than him, will it be a sin for him to defy his parents wish and marry me? Please let me know
Ulamaa ID 10
Missed Fasts
Ulamaa ID 02
If a person does not follow the Deen from when they are first Baaligh, but starts practicing later in life- does this person have to make up the missed fasts of all the previous Ramadhans? Must he only do the Qadha's or does he have to pay Kaffarah also though he did not have the intention to fast?
Jinn? please advise
Ulamaa ID 12
Ulamaa ID 09
Assalamu Aleikum

i have recently heard that taking photographs of living beings is haraam.
i can understand why this would be so if the intention was to worship the photographs, but is there any harm in taking photographs just for the memory of a special occasion??
like when im with my friends, we like to take photographs of the good times we'v had together, is that a sin?
please advice me

assalamu aleikum
Salam.ive written before but i really need help and no one has replied,forgive me for being impatient,can you please just help me.i believe in Allah,i even read quran and pray namaz,i dont watch tv or listen to music,i try my upmost best to follow islam,but when i try to say the khalimah,the part with muhammadur rasuloolah my heart doesnt believe in it.i try to believe it but my heart doesnt want to believe.nothings helping me,i dont want to die like this cause i know ill die a kaffir,i cry a lot over it but nothings helping me.i even make dua and read quran and ask Allah for help.ive repented for my pass sins so why is this happening to me.
Folding pants
Ulamaa ID 04
I heard a hadith preventing from folding the pants/lower garment. I fold them all the times and not only in Salat does that also comes in the purview of that hadith.
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