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dear mufti sahibs
i would just like to know if squids are halaal?

Ulamaa ID 04
We were discussing Nikah-e- Mut'ah on a forum. it was forbade by the prophet peace be upon him during his life time according to the Bukhari hadeeth. But one person brought up the hadeeth from Muslim. Hadeeth of Bukhari is: It was narrated from ?Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade mut?ah marriage and the meat of domestic donkeys at the time of Khaybar. According to another report, he forbade mut?ah marriage at the time of Khaybar and he forbade the meat of tame donkeys. Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 3979; Muslim, 1407. And the hadeeth of muslim is: Book 008, Number 3250: Abu Nadra reported: While I was in the company of Jabir b. Abdullah, a person came to him and said that Ibn 'Abbas and Ibn Zubair differed on the two types of Mut'as (Tamattu' of Hajj 1846 and Tamattu' with women), whereupon Jabir said: We used to do these two during the lifetime of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him). Umar then forbade us to do them, and so we did not revert to them Mut'ah was forbidden by the prophet peace be upon him, so what is the meaning of the Muslim hadeeth? I want to know how to answer to a person who brings the Muslim hadeeth up. Also Mut'ah is where one marries a woman, has sexual intercourse with her, than divorces her? Muwaqqat is: Temporary marriage. E.g for one year? Am I right? Jazakumullahu khairan in Advance.
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i have been married for 6 months. i find it so difficult to trust my husband as i beleive he has not been honest with me. before our marriage he was chatting to another girl, when i confronted him he said it was a friend. He does treat me well, and shows love and affection, however i feel incomplete. i am always worried about him and his actions when i am not around him. I can not continue to go on like this as it will destroy my marriage. I try to pray and keep my mind occupied but it is difficult. Please advise me what i can do.

Flavoured miswaak
Ulamaa ID 03
slmz, jus wntd to find out if we are allowed to use flavoured miswaaks in ramadhan as long as we dont swallow it?
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I am renting and i dont have home. I like to buy house to borrow money money from bank to live in house. Is this haram if i want because i dont have cash to buy
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Asalaam Walikum

A Christian girl asked me about the nikab.She was saying that she respected the reasons why women wear it but was asking why it is always black.Also in hot weather black attreacts heat so she was asking why dont the women wear another colour.What is the best answer i can give her as I dont kno much about this topic.


Ulamaa ID 04
a - does talaq by a man suffering from mental illness countb - does talaq by a man possed by a jinn count (he says the jinn was trying break the marriage)
Ulamaa ID 04
According to the Qu`ran & Sunnah , are pregnant women aloud to visit the grave of the dead and what dua can you read in your prayers for them ?
Ulamaa ID 01
Dear Mufti, My name is Iqbal Hassan, my mother's name is Sharifa and my father's name is Hassan Mohamed. I wish to start a new business in Kuwait for the first time and would seek Allah's guidance through istikhara. I wish to start the business with my colleague - Ms.Sadiqah Amiri. Please advise.
Hair removal
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalaamualaykum, I would like to know specifically where a mature woman has to get rid of her hair.

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