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Shafi'ee Madhab
Ulamaa ID 04

According to the Shafi'ee Madhab, does having injections or blood tests invalidate the fast?

Jazakumullahu Khairun,
Ulamaa ID 04
Please can you let me know if the names are ok, and also the meanings
Ulamaa ID 04
When going to a shop or store and the person at the counter is not the same gender as you, sometimes when giving/recieving change there is contact with the other persons hand. I want to know if we are sinful for this.
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam Alai Kum,

My 5 month old son has been diagnosed with Infantile Spasm-severe epilepsy of the has been over a month now but no medications have been able to stop his seizures.Could you please let me know a suitable dua for the same.

Allah hafiz
Wearing of chain
Ulamaa ID 09
my question is are man allowed to wear chain, around the neck. its because people thinks is't cool to wear it. their say silver chain is allowed. so i wouuld be gratful if you could answer my question. jajakallah
Laylat Almiraj
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamualaikum wa rahmatul Allahi wa barakatuhu

Was Prophet Muhammed's SAW ascension to the heavens a spiritual or physical trip. Please quote quranic ayats or ahadeeth
Ulamaa ID 03

"Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Fiqhi Rulings do not apply to things which 'may have' occurred. They only apply to definite occurrences.

Even if pork had come into contact with with utensils or devices like food processors, once they are purified with water (washing thoroughly and making sure all impurities are visibly removed), it is pure to use hence would be permissible to buy and use."

I wanted to ask after having seen this answer-:

I have just moved into a rented house, where things have been used by previous people e.g grill, oven etc. The grill has grease on it (as grills do) am i obliged to wash it before use, as the grill could be contaminated with haraam food effects?

so the question is do i have to purify it first? can you tell me how to do this, i thing it will take a long time for me to remove the grease.

Ulamaa ID 04
AsSalamu Alaikum,

I have a big problem with keeping my wudhu. I often find that when I go to perform my wudhu oir salaat, I feel wind or something coming out, or on the surface just before exiting. I never hear anything most of the time, however sometimes I am not sure whether i have smelt something or not. I dont feel like passing wind out of salaat or widhu nearly all the time, but as soon as i do namaaz or ablution, I feel like Im feeling wind. I know Im not Mathur because i dont get it out of salaah, but when i do feel it during namaaz, is it real or wiswas? Sometimes I think Shaytaan is making me think that its a smell of wind, but Im not sure. It is really affecting my Salaah and I dont want to indulged further into this disease, please can you answer my question as soon as possible.

Jazkallah Khair and May Allah Reward you!

Assalamu Alaikum
Impurity problems
Ulamaa ID 04
A small area of the bathroom floor became unclean as a few drops of unclean liquid fell on it.I didnt think much of it and wiped it off with dry tissue paper and so i didnt legally purify the floor properly. A few minutes after i left someone came and wiped over the floor with a wet mop, did this make the whole floor unclean beacuse of the use of a wet mop?

i regarded the floor as unclean. But then beacuse the pot type thing that is used for holding water is put on the floor and the bathroom floor is wet and so is the bottom of the pot then the bottom of the pot has become unclean too right?(because if a wet clean thing comes into contact with a wet unclean thing then impurity has transferred wether the traces can be seen on the other thing or not.)

This pot is also used for wudhu and ghusl. While doing wudhu the pot is put in the wet sink so does this then become unclean ? And also for ghusl, if this pot is dipped into the bucket of water will the whole water become unclean and now also the whole pot inside and out gets unclean because the pot is dipped in the bucket of water.?

I am now regarding large areas of my bathroom unclean and i no longer do wudhu at home in the sink because i feel the sink is unclean because the pot is always being put in the sink and also while doing wudhu water splashes off the floor (which i think is unclean)and onto my clothes.

But i still dont think im correct. please let me know where im going wrong

Ulamaa ID 04

Assalamu Alaikum,

Is sheesha allowed? Alot of people are using it as an alternative to smoking.

Wa Alaikumussalam

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