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Ulamaa ID 04
AsSalamu Alaikum,

I have a big problem with keeping my wudhu. I often find that when I go to perform my wudhu oir salaat, I feel wind or something coming out, or on the surface just before exiting. I never hear anything most of the time, however sometimes I am not sure whether i have smelt something or not. I dont feel like passing wind out of salaat or widhu nearly all the time, but as soon as i do namaaz or ablution, I feel like Im feeling wind. I know Im not Mathur because i dont get it out of salaah, but when i do feel it during namaaz, is it real or wiswas? Sometimes I think Shaytaan is making me think that its a smell of wind, but Im not sure. It is really affecting my Salaah and I dont want to indulged further into this disease, please can you answer my question as soon as possible.

Jazkallah Khair and May Allah Reward you!

Assalamu Alaikum
Shaytan & Nuffs
Ulamaa ID 09
Assalamu alaikum:

Does shaytaan mean only Iblis or all evil jinns those follow him? If not, can evil jinn also influence human thinking like shaytaan?
In a Hadith, I found in Ramadan shaytaan is (are) kept in prison. What are the evil factors those inspire human sin during Ramadan?

I'll be grateful if you kindly give answer about the evil factors those give 'aswasa' to human and what 'dua' should we do to get rid of those evil 'aswasa'?

Allah Hafez.
Wudhu on socks
Ulamaa ID 03
Can you wear leather socks on top of normal socks and do masaa?
Spinal cord
Ulamaa ID 03
recently u answered a Question abt a child born without spinal cord, my Question is i heard that the Prophet s.a.w was born without a spinal cord ,is it true? JazakAllah
Ulamaa ID 11
what is this night about? and as a nu muslim,how do i approach it?
Ulamaa ID 04

Assalamu Alaikum,

Is sheesha allowed? Alot of people are using it as an alternative to smoking.

Wa Alaikumussalam

Ulamaa ID 05
asalaam u alaikum what is the deoband response to the claim made that allah has the power to against his will and imkaane kizb (mufti rasheed ganghoi). i accept that all is all power and can do what he wants but how far do we take that. is the following claim true or false "It is satisfying to say "Laa'Illaaha il-lal Laahu Ashraf Ali Rasool-ul-Laah" and "Al-Laahumma Salli 'Ala Saiyyidina Nabiyina Ashraf Ali" and there is no harm in saying so." Deobandi Reference: Risaalah Al lmdad, page 35) for the month of S. afar 1336 A.H.; and proceedings of a Munuazirah (religious debate) in Gaya, Al Furqaan, volume 3, page 85.
Ulamaa ID 06

is it wrong to grass on a sister if u are trying to help her and stop her doing wrong

Dated: 07-06-06

To All Muslim Scholors


Respected Sir,

My name is Waqas Ahmed doing job as well as study. I am email you regarding an anti-Islamic website.Please don?t ignore this letter take it serious. First of all we have great protest when a Denmark publisher publishes the cartoon of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). We march over the roads and street to prove that we love our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) very much. But when I visit the site which I am talking about I am shocked to see the articles against Islam and cartoons of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Where is our protest now? I read many articles almost go through all the web site which is trying to prove that Islam is a false religion. And the person which is name (Ali Sina) the maker of the site is challenge to all Muslims that he will pay 50,000/- US $ if any Muslim of the world proof his arguments wrong. Even the challenge Dr. Zakir Naik. But I don?t know why Dr. Zakir Naik did not response him and accept his challenge. Now I am thinking that in this whole world there is nobody who can face that bloody person which is disgusting Islam easily. Now please if anybody have knowledge then I never ever request you to debate him and answer his questions. Now this is my humble request to visit that site and do something for Islam. I am also sending this letter to all Islamic website all over the world. Kindly take it as a serious matter.

The site name is [removed]

With Regards

Waqas Ahmed
Modesty & Faith
Ulamaa ID 04
The references were it was mention in the Hadith, "Verily modesty and faith are inter-related".
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