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Looking for a wife
Ulamaa ID 01
How d u look 4 a wife in a halal way 2 get married
Salam, there is a website namely: [Admin edit: Links removed] that is edited by some former Muslims (Amar Khan etc). I would like to humbly request the Ulama to review this website and at least counter argue the points he has written to save the fragile Muslim youngsters from becoming murtad. He has written articles insulting the Quran and the Beloved Messenger of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) and people are believing his articles due to the way he has written them with supposed sources etc. This website could be a means of people leaving the fold of Islam unless people have peace of mind that his arguments are baseless (which they are) and this will only happen if someone writes an article confirming the 'baselessness' of what he has written. JazakAllah Khair. May Allah highly reward the person taking the time out to answer this very important issue.
Ulamaa ID 10
if a person doesn't want another person to take picture of him/her, but the other person still tries and attempts to take picture of her what should he/she do?even after saying it to them so many times.and if they do in the end take a snap of you but refuse to get rid of it.....what should one do?
Is it jaizmutlaqan? In the way we do zabah on animals. Without toture!
Problematic Sins
Ulamaa ID 09
I have a feet fetish. I mascurbate by myself. I am only 16. I am a Muslim
and also I pray 5 times a day. I do not know if Allah will forgive me or
not. I need help.

[edit: personal details removed]
Ulamaa ID 01


i would like to know if a nabaligh boy who is 13 yrs old can lead taravi jamaat and what about witr prayer.


Ulamaa ID 05
As salaam Alaikum IS TAKING MONEY FOR RECITING THE QURAN ALLOWED LIKE THE QURRAH OF MISR DO? WAS SALAAM sum1 answered me as : salam yeh it is halal bcos this is all these reciters do is recite quran this is their whole lives so they need to live and there profession is quran reciting. wsalam plz check and tell me if this is correct
Ulamaa ID 04

Please can you give the explanation of predestination (qadr) and quotes from Quran and Hadith. Jazakallah
Ulamaa ID 05

I read the recent answer (you can look at them as long as they do not contain any prohibited content). I am still confused, does this mean that you are allowed to look at pictures which, for example which are published in a newspaper etc. Are we also allowed to watch video clips, such as cricket, and taraweeh prayers from Makkah.

Jazakallahu Khair

Horse riding
Ulamaa ID 10
Can muslim women who are not married ride a horse?
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Magnet System
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haji feroz memon saheb hansana aur phasana
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